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Blessed New Moon.

Whooo! Wow. I am really feeling that Gemini energy in the stars.

Oh and that Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde has got me slowing WAY down on pojects and entering into presence


In addition to moving through some personal challenges in health and realtionship recently I have seem, lots of people experience heavy grief with the passing away of loved ones.

When many people seem to go at the same time,  a portal is open and it is an opportunity to contempate the choices we make and how we choose to live. 


I was able to get in the river today and let it all go so I can be present to faciltiate tomorrow night as I will be facilitating a New Moon Fire Ceremony on sacred land in the mountains  (If you are in Asheville and want to come, reach out to me aSAp!)

At this portal of the ending of a moon cycle and beginning of a new solar cycle, there seems to be themes of the integration of humility, letting go, cleansing, expansion and strength and clean running rivers.

Doing Spiritual Practices with the changing light helps you to land new patterns and give thanks for what has come to be.

Below are 7 Spiritual Practices I am currently activating in my life. (Choose one, many or create your own!)

1. Purify the heart

Whether you need to cry or it is time to forgive yourself or others, opening up to love can be scary. But the reward of loving unconditionally is the peace it brings you. Dedicate yourself to love freely.

2. Awaken the body

Bring compassionate awareness to your body and breathe into presence with any and all things you are feeling. Awareness is the first key to liberate yourself form emotional, psychological or physical pain. Breathe and move (Consider RAISE THE VIBE course)

3. Cleanse the pallete

In between seasons is the perfect time to let of old habits and go on a cleanse.  Commit to changing your food choices and see your energy shift on a deep level. Eat organic whole foods whenever possible and take a break from toxic substances you put in your body. Lighten up and choose wisely for your body temple!

4. Move the Chi

Exercise. Do something. Swim, Bike, Dance. Hike. Martial Arts. Walk. Tai Chi. Yoga. Pickle Ball. Something. Consider RAISE THE VIBE

5. Sing the Song

If you want to sing out, sing out! If you want to be free, be free. Theres a million things to be. You know that you are!  – Cat Stevens

6. Breathe the sacred

My yogaliates teacher told us yesterday that the first thing you did on your own is breathe and the last thing youll do on your own in this life is breathe. It touched me deeply as I took a deep one. Choose to breathe deeply and take in the majesty of life.

7. Be here now

All there is is now.

“The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery. The present moment is a gift” – Grandma Aggie


Would you like to align your body and spirit with the moon? Check out my 28 Day Movement and Meditation Program . RAISE THE VIBE