Hello (almost) December. Whoa!

Does it feel like 2020 and 2021 are one big unibrow?

Upon reflection, I can see how we are in a whole new era. The way we view time and space and one another has shifted.

To be honest, In the face of all these changes, there is still much illusion of separation and it seems louder than ever. (More on that below)

Things have changed. Some call it:

The great pause
The great reset
The new paradigm

We have begun to unwind and see things from different perspectives.

How ever you shape it, we are in a whole new era! And it seems like there are 2 sides (in all kinds of ways)

  • Left and right
  • Vxed and not
  • Science and pseudo science
  • East coasters and west coasters
  • Men and women

Here is the thing. This mindset of duality is what spiritual teachers refer to often as the cause of the pain in the world.

It is the illusion that everything is separate and not connected. So what is true?

What is true is that..

  • Everything is connected
  • All perspectives are valid
  • We are not here to shame and blame one another (unless we choose to)
  • Life is a miracle and all of the souls have a role to play
  • The physical is contained by the spiritual energies
  • We are all one!

As my Indian Guru Swami Satchidananda says, Paths are many but truth is one.

This oneness exists within your energy field and when activated emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, we begin to integrate the power to heal, get present , clear and manifest new experiences and levels of fulfillment.

Integration happens through ..

  • Feeling into your pain that arises
  • Knowing how to connect with Spirit
  • Getting clear on what you want
  • Learning to express your needs with compassion
  • Finding your YES
  • Awakening the Divine Heart within

When you get integrate duality within yourself:

  • It is okay to be in the mystery
  • Expressing yourself becomes easier
  • You choose pleasure guilt free
  • Letting go become easier/ instant
  • You criticize yourself less

One of the ways we come into oneness is through the third eye, witnessing and visioning to ground the new frequencies.

Focusing in all ways helps to build energy field and protect in alignment.  Are you ready to let focus help you on your spiritual journey and our collective world?


What Are You Focusing On Right Now?



DECEMBER 18 2021

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