Hello. I’m NARAYANI and I support  humans on the spiritual path to work with their energy in order to turn their sensitivity into their superpowers so they can heal the past, get fully present and manifest a future rooted in love.

I offer private sessions and group training and events locally and remotelyy as well. I can work with you wherever you live.

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 I Can Support You To …

Become Your Own Healer & Guru (For Real)

Grounding the physical body in awareness of connectedness of all things sets the stage to awaken to what you are feeling in relation to anything you choose to focus in on your life. This awareness of your true loving nature as the container for your emotions, thoughts and physical body provides you an opportunity to tune into your innate wisdom to clear the past, get present and create the future.

Awaken Your Powerful Intuition

Once you acknowledge your authentic experience around anything in your life with loving awareness, you are able to choose what patterns to let go of consciously. This then prepares you to make room for accessing the place of sacred witness. Being present in observation as a witness opens up possibility to access a new perspective within your very own being. This new perspective prepares you to be able to claim your power while taking responsibility for everything you have experienced in your life and anything you choose to manifest into the future.

Get In Flow with $$$ + Relationships

From here, it becomes a choice to embody the experience of relationships with the past with gratitude. Gratitude opens the door to walking in forgiveness and peace, and it is then possible to start “calling in” all you wish to create in your life in the future. At this point, choosing what you want creates a field of possibility to experience beyond the old stories of victim mindset, blame, and shame. Boundaries become easy, and goals become clear. It is now safe to open up yourself energetically to receive because you know what you want and are both willing to claim it and let it in. Life begins to fill you up, and generosity is a natural result

Be A Vessel For Spiritual Service

Once you are in the fullness of energy field of generosity, you can be creative and inspired. But sometimes you might still feel off balance. That is when you can ask what next choice you must make to stay in balance now. Once you activate the alignment of balance, it is time to let go. You have done your part. Trust is natural and the Universe is your home and you are a walking a sustainable path of sacred service for our world.

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My Approach 

I teach my mentees to find their power within their our own selves by listening to every cell in their  bodies, taking responsibility, and transforming old beliefs to make room for new ones. Through shifting how you perceive, you can expand in capacity to self-source and become aware of the infinite choices available for you moving forward.

As one of my mentees said, “I do not hand you the fish. I teach you how to.”

Through transformational coaching, embodied meditation and awakened mindfulness,  I train intuitives and empaths to  shift perception in order to heal self, others and to manifest new paradigm of living, rooted in love. If  this speaks to you,  let’s chat! I”d love to see how I can support you.

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My Story

After a profound spiritual awakening in 2002, I gained the ability to help people remember their spiritual identity at the deepest energetic level. It took 12 years to integrate and ground that awakening and  with the blessings of my yoga teachers in Integral Yoga Lineage, Qi Gong Teacher Dave Oshana and my mentor Lania Desmond, I was empowered to step into leadership to  be a guide for others to both wake up spiritually and to ground their awakening to be of service.  Read More

By 2012,   I developed a new modality to support awakening souls in  awakening integration.  This work is for those already awake who are seeking guidance to ingrate all they know and serve.

For the last 9 years, I have walked a path of personal love, loss and growth in leadership and woman hood and I am committed to show up authentically in supporting others in personal transformation, healing and manifesting sharing everything I know with compassion, truth and presence. 

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