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Heal Money Blocks

Gather with women who are safe and compassionate and uplift one another to heal the past and manifest prosperity. Learn exactly what your blocks are, where they come from and how to clear them for godd.




Connect and Create

As women, we naturally want to connect and share with one another. When we focus and inspire each other with accountibility, everyone wins.  Your path of creativity is more powerful when we ground and focus together. 




Succeed and Shine

Awaken inspiration with money and business and stop struggling to get both your needs and desires met in the world. Prepare to manifest epic success by being yourself and taking action with clarity and confidence. 

This is a Multidimensional Mastermind

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Here is How Embodied Wisdom Can Help You Manifest Prosperity

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Yin Inner  Practices

Learn the Awakening Map 12 Theme dimensional embodiment method that supports self healing, intuitive cultivation, getting in the flow and manifesting your dharmic path so when you take action with your vision, you are clear, focused and successful.

Yang Path of Action

In addition to clearing blocks energetically, every other week, we work on business stuff. In these “yang” session, you can both make decisions and focus on growth in alignemnt with guidance of the soul and support form the energy of the whole group.

About Awakened Life School

Awakened Life School was founded by Narayani Gaia in 2018 as a way to share teachings of her 25 years as a healer walking the professional path of doing both inner and outer work to create change within and through the world..

ALS is all about supporting the awakening of humanity by unlearning what we know through learning how to let go of past emotional co dependancy, awakening in NOW and manifesting the future rooted in love.

By joining the mastermind, you will receive support from Narayani, the group of other awake women plus her mentee Taylor Wilson who has been training with NArayani for several years and is a gifted healer and wisdom seer.


Your next 6 month Immersion beginst September 14 and goes until to February 9 2024.


Group mastermind sessions are Thursdays weekly at 12 noon EST. PLUS we meet Tuesdays for co working (optional) at 1 pm est Find your time converter here



$555 for 7 months. Add private sessions with Narayani for $777 monthly. Pay in full, get 10% off.

"Narayani – You have achieved mastery through continued practice and sheer hard work. We are all truly gifted but unless it is nurtured and honoured and cultivated it cannot be mastered to be able to be of authentic service."

-Jeanette Crisafi

"I have never felt more empowered in my entire life"

Teresa Bell

"I'm super satisfied with Narayani's work and the themes have helped me stay grounded even in these tough times. I'm now able to better set boundaries and take on new challenges while being true to myself and my (personal and professional) vision."

Lesley , San Jose, CA

I have been working with Narayani for almost 3 years now. At this point, I can honestly say that I am still learning from her, still feel just as held as I did when we first met, and still look forward to receiving her support and teachings. I have tripled my income, opened my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible, and seen the world in a way that makes life feel like a true blessing and gift.

Taylor  Wilson

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Weekly Live Video Group Sessions

  • Training with Narayani & Team
  • Personal Sharing & Project or Personal Feedback
  • Co-Working Time

Awakened Life School Full Virtual Library 

  • Video trainings
  • Templates
  • Meditations
  • Worksheets

Weekly Co-Working Sessions 

  • 90 min weekly group co-working online with Awakened Life School Team

Private Sessions with Narayani 

  • Remote Healing
  • Biz consulting /coaching 
  • Channeling

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