Activating Higher Frequencies

Join me and my soul sister Angelica Perman in today’s podcast/ half spiritual comedy session as we discuss raising your vibration though looking at archetypes, heyokah medicine, crystals and laughing ourselves to a state of peace. 

Plus, look at how you are being triggered in day to day life via relationships as a gateway to step into higher frequencies that support sacred service for our present day world.

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Activating Higher Frequencies

Season 2, Episode 3    |     53 min

Also, today we get into a variety of fun and funny topics including:

  • Fake channeling
  • Accessing laughter as medicine
  • How to create a container of safety
  • Archetypes that sabotage your peace
  • Releasing negative energy
  • Choosing Crystals
  • The path of sacred service (when it is NOT your job)
  • Why kindness is boring but exactly what we need right now.
  • Hearing the silent voices within

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Sometimes it is easier to discipline ourselves when we have accountability and support. That is why I am offering this immersion in these times.

Whether you want to stay in shape or just stay connected with others that value being healthy and spiritually aligned, this experience is about EMBODYING your LIGHT and RAISING the VIBRATION of yourself and the world.

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