All-Inclusive Retreat

  1. Daily Movement + Meditation Time
  2. Time on the land
  3. Being with conscious community
  4. 11 Organic Meals (including snacks and all the things)
  5. Spring water for everything (drinking, bathing, etc)
  6. Infrared Sauna / Hot Tub under the stars
  7. Hiking Trails
  8. Mountain Creeks/ Rivers
  9. Rest and Rejuvenation Time

This is an exclusive private healing retreat with everything you need to reset and renew including an infrared sauna, hot tub, workshop time, meditation time and time in the community and on sacred land to empower and heal with the land. All water here is springwater.

Lodging options – All-inclusive rates include all of the above.

Private room w Queen Bed ( 1 left)

1 payment of $1555 or 

3 payments of $522


Shared room – your own bed (with up to 2 rommates) (2 left)

1 payment of $1444 or

3 payments of $488