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Leadership Circle

Next Immersion: September 2024

Greetings Beloved !

This group container is created to support you in getting conscious leadership training your path of purpose. This space is one where you can co create in to manifest your vision and get awakened leadership training from a seasoned spiritual healer, Narayani Gaia.

Note from Narayani

If you are here to lead compassionately, I created this container to support you to sustainably serve so you can give from a full cup while manifesting your vision.


Get in tune with your embodied leadership self


Library of meditations, affirmations, replays, worksheets + more


Step into ;leadership with other awakened friends


Weekly calls and 24-hour chat support for you

What Is Awakened Life Tribe Leadership Circle?

An online mastermind for spiritually motivated people

A group founded by Narayani Gaia: healer, author and mentor

A group that meets online regularly for coaching, accountability and support

Leadership Training for Spiritual People

You are invited…

This is an opportunity to activate your next expression of leadership

As we enter this new paradigm on Mother Earth, we have an opportunity to step into the beauty AND MAGNIFICENCE that is available to us as we heal from past trauma, awaken our inner knowings, get in the flow in a healthy and honorable way, and live our life purposes together.

How Do I know If Leadership Circle is Right For Me?


You are driven to make the world a better place
You are a healer, lightworker, artist, embodiment practitioner, coach or guide for others
If you want to help other people WAKE UP their hearts
You are honestly ready to do things differently

My Approach

As a healer and mentor on the spiritual path with you,  I bring 30 years of study and practice integrating teachings, practices and initiations from world culture.  I am 100% committed to helping people live a path of vitality, joy, passion, and purpose.

The world needs leadership and you are being invited to step into a container to support you in mindset and in action in 2024 and beyond with other compassionate people who are committed to living their soul’s purpose.

I created Leaderdship circle to hold a container for you if you are here to step into leadership as an artist, activist, oracle, healer, teacher, way-shower, creative or guardian who is here to make the world a safe and inclusive place for all of our relations.

Here are a few options for you…

Awakened Life Tribe Leadership Circle

This Immersion is a container for you if you are here to step into leadership as an artist, activist, oracle, healer, teacher, way-shower, creative or guardian who knows they are here to help heal, awaken and manifest a new potential era as we claim our thrones in mutual co-creativity with sacred source and one another.

More Details

We begin week of September 3 2024

Private Membership Weekly Calls with Narayani Live

$333 / mo


VIP Private Coaching Package

If you do not have time to study on your own and join group live sessions, consider private VIP coaching. This option allows you to co-curate your sessions based on what you need and want to achieve on your path of leadership.

Is private coaching right for you at this time?  Let’s connect and figure it out together!

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