Season 1. EPISODE 2

Awakening To Love, Justice & Purpose 

“To keep me from dying spiritually, I had to choose justice.” – SharRon Jamison

If you want to see a raw and authentic talk between a white woman and a black woman about spirit, justice and sacred service, this episode is absolutely for you. SharRon and Narayani go deep and talk about “love and light” and the difference between concepts that keep us separate and those that truly unite us in service in today’s crazy times. 

Featured Episode

Awakening To Love, Justice & Purpose 

Season 1, Episode 2    |    42 min

Epic Topics 

  • Doing the inner work and outer work
  • Learning from vs learning with
  • Being born black and being taught that you are “less than.”
  • Who ever has more has to give more.
  • Black people are Making  54 cents to the dollar of white people
  • To disagree without disconnecting

Powerful quotes from SharRon: 

“Justice is not an option from something to participate in as a person of color.”

True power can only happen power with not power over.”

“Feeling shame and doing nothing is privilege.“

“There can be no love and light when there his still oppression of darkness.”

“Love is justice Outloud.”

“Everyone is a solution to someone else’s prayer.”

“We have got to grant eat other mercy to get it wring to get it right.”

“Shame is a luxury only white people have.”


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