& Tea

Here is a little life update, and chance to have a perception shift with me.

Right now, while receiving the glory of the sun coming in through into my healing room, I contemplate the simplicity of transformation in the grace of spiritual unfoldment.

My spiritual practice these days consists of following the feeling of what is authentic from inside.

That may involve meditation, rest, a dance, and a cry in the kitchen, a cup of tea with a new friend and an open heart, a profound session of holding presence with my clients and asking and answering questions as they arise on the journey to understanding some of the deepest stuff or simply showing up, even when I don’t feel like it.

The big INNER update that has been challenging me in transformation lately is all about who I really am and what really matters.

(Hello Narayani in her 50s!!)

I spent many years contemplating how our senses from the outside define us. And at this point, I will not waste my time contemplating whom others think I am. 

Not who my parents were or are. 

Not how people expect me to be or how my coach encourages me to show up, but who I actually am. 

At the core.. beyond whom I help and beyond proving myself to others, and without the identity that I think I need to grasp it to- who am I and what really and truly matters.

So I share this inspiration with you, dear Facebook friends and family, to inspire you  but also to let you see me because it is in being seen that the light strengthens. 

Quantum physics teaches us this and ancient yoga science does as well.

I am a healer and teacher. (and not)

I am not here to sell you or to convince you of the value of what I have for who I am is not defined by any of that. 

I am here to invite you into a space of community, connection, awakening and refuge as a result of the blessings and grace that has been shown to me through initiations and experiences at the feet of great teachings and teachers and ultimately the presence of consciousness as love.

I am not a coach who does healing but a healer and teacher, who is here to support those who suffer, including my own personal self through the depths and struggles of what it means to be having this quick human experience in this time.

In reality, how you perceive me is none of my business and at the same time how I land with others is completely my responsibility. And here we are. 

This is the journey of spiritual awakening. 

To the uninitiated, looking out seems useless like nothings happening, or that it’s just a luxury to contemplate the energies of the universe. 

But on the inside, it’s everything. 

Dying every breath and every day and surrendering to the unknown as a process that creates a great sense of peace (and sometimes chaos) that ultimately leads to the stripping away or false ego perceptions. 

What is remaining in awareness are gifts including the experience of communion with the environment and a deep love affair with nature and all that is pure. 

I know that we long to connect and all  long to be part of something bigger because that is who we are. 

We are not meant to walk alone. Because separation is not real. 

So I’m here. Inviting you to sit with me and drink tea. In person or remote. 

I invite you to explore and uncover what wants to be revealed in the truth of who we are in for the purpose of our collective awakening to truth and ultimately love. 

Nothing to try to figure out or do. And on this day, I remember. I remember who I am I remember who you are and I remember why we’re here 

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