What Spirituality is NOT

You don’t have to try to become spiritual. If you’re doing that, please stop. . It’s honestly just not necessary. . If you’re into crystals and cards, and all those things, great! Have fun with that. Truly. Have fun and enjoy… . But… . There’s really nothing you have...

Alchemy of Embodied Awakening

Alchemy of Embodied Awakening with Dirk Oellibrandt  This is a powerful and unique interview with Narayani and the spiritual teacher Dirk Oellibrandt on the journey of healing, realization, and awakening beyond personal development. Specifically, you will hear the...

Claim Your (Self) Worth

Just because you do not see the sun, it does not mean it is not there.. It is the same thing with your spirit or your light and the light of the soul. It is always there and in fact, we are made of light. (All scientists can now confirm this!!) When you shine light,...

Awakening & Tea

Awakening & Tea Here is a little life update, and chance to have a perception shift with me. Right now, while receiving the glory of the sun coming in through into my healing room, I contemplate the simplicity of transformation in the grace of spiritual...

Nothing is Wasted

Nothing is Wasted Here is why.. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re working on something and not seeing the fruits of your labor or perhaps you are praying for something and not seeing God answer your prayers. Remember that everything done in a good way with...

Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

Ancestral  Clearing  This is a great thing to do this week. I’ll be sharing more about this in the next few days.  For now, let’s talk …. Full moon eclipse rituals.  We’re still in the window so If you haven’t done your ceremony, today and tonight are ia great time to...

On Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be difficult if you are simply thinking about it. Learn how to alchemize your heart with your emotions with prayer and intention and healing will be absolutely possible.

Open Letter To Monterey Bay Dalia Society

Synchronicity and magic exist in everyday life. Her eis a story of how it happened with me this week.

How To Read The Signs

Awakened Life: The Blog You know the world is a magical place but you cannot seem to interpret the signs or get guidance from the Universe as clearly as you might like. Here are 5 ways to “get a sign” from the universe. Practice slow long deep breathing to quiet the...

Dreams, Spirits & The Red Road

Featured Episode Dreams, Spirits & The Red Roadwith Jim White Season 4, Episode 2    |     50 minCheck out today's episode with Yuwipi Man, Jim White In today's episode, Jim White and I explore the path of the red road and how Jim turned his life around and...



Awakening Map Home Study Course

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