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Do you speak on podcasts?

Yes, I love to speak on topics that inspire todays world on all things spirituality and awakening. Especially the woman’s path of awakening and the struggles of empaths.

What type of Mentorship do you offer?

I train intuitive people who want to use their gifts who might not have had anyone teach them how to work with their energy to their potential. As an empath, I tend to train leaders who are also intuitive empaths or fiercely on the spiritual path.

Do you do sliding scale offerings?

I am always open to do sliding scale if spirit moves me. Feel free to send a personal note below with your questions and requests and I will be back with you ASAP and see what wants to happen.

Can you help me see spirits?

I can only point you to your own powers that are ready to awaken within you. Reach out or book a session with me and I am happy to channel and see what type of guidance wants to be revealed for you.

People in my life do not get my awakened state. Can you help?

Yup. I understand personally what it akes to move thorugh the world with awakened eyes. We all are here to love and be loved. To learn how to keep your vibration high amongnst other people is something I train women to do. Reach out and let’s connect.

Dance Your Dharma Self Study Workshop

This class gives you an opportunity to get clear on what your soul is longing for in the rhealms of sacred purpose moving forward in your life To feel aligned with your work int he world is key to being spiritually aligned. When you are sahring your sacred responsibility in the world, everyone wins, including you!


Stay Up To Date On Latest Episodes

Enjoy the latest talks about being a spiritual being having a human experience in a world gone mad! In this weekly podcast, I share stories and sometimes interview experts about boundary issues, intuitive cultivation, conscious relationships, self healing, spiritual service and more! 

Home Study Course

You are made of energy and there are keys to awakening within your own auric field. When you learn these portals, you go through initiations that open gates to freedom by teaching your how to access the sacred place where your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies connect.

This course will train you in the things you NEVER learned in school.

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