Sometimes in the middle of the day out of nowhere, my angels download me with something to write down and next thing I know, words come flying through my finger tips at the speed of light. Todays blog manifested out of one of those moments.

5 Tips For Great Energetic Boundaries

(In Times of Covid)

Get clear on your truth within yourself.

Do your best to communicate your boundaries with kindness.

Learn about agreement fields. It’s where you make very micro agreements in a conversation to avoid conflict and support deeper intimacy, connection and respect.

Hang out with each other with space between. Get in touch with your energy and the energy of people around you by allowing enough physical space so that one another feel safe. Discuss.

Everyone can win. Take this as an opportunity to practice expressing healthy boundaries with people you care about. Find your YES and find your NO. Listen and honor each other‘s truth and be open to a solution where it’s a win-win.

In these times, we can make the most with what we got. We’re all learning and we all get to figure it out together.

Please be kind and try to mend conflicts with people in your life to support peace for you, for them and for the families and communities that are affected by your relationship.

We are all in this together!!!!