Creativity & Soul Healing with Marya Stark

Creativity and spiritual awakening go hand in hand. As we learn how to follow the guidance that emerges after deep authentic healing, we can learn how to awaken our unique stories and unique creativity as we grow and learn and serve in a way that grounds how we show up and what we offer the world.

In today’s episode, I interview Marya Stark who is one of my favorite soul sisters who continues to inspire tens of thousands of people with her music, art and ways of being.

 Sacred Topics to inspire you:

  • Awakening Passion on the Spiritual Path
  • How to let curiosity lead you 
  • Creativity as collaboration with The HOLY
  • Soul Excavation and the magic of moving through your blocks
  • Feeding one another in spiritual community 


Featured Episode

Creativity & Soul Healing with Marya Stark

Season 1, Episode 7    |     49 min

 Listen and also learn about:

  • Working through creative resistance 
  • L:earn What is a soul craft project?
  • How to be like a little kid to find your path of creative learning

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Remote Energy Healing will help you to:

  • Works to Clear Birth Patterns
  • Helps Clear FAmily Kamra
  • Benefits you on holographic level
  • Breaks co-dependant Patterns
  • Be lighter and more joyful

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