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Dreams, Spirits & The Red Road

with Jim White 

Season 4, Episode 2    |     50 min

Check out today’s episode with Yuwipi Man, Jim White

In today’s episode, Jim White and I explore the path of the red road and how Jim turned his life around and changed everything for his family by following spiritual guidance. Plus, we explore all things spirits and the red road ceremony life, including..

  • “Corn Woman” prophesy & Jim’s dream
  • “Spirits” Based Traditions
  • Instant Healers , Narcissim and Trauma
  • Why different cultures are drawn to Native American people
  • Balancing yourself and serving others
  • Awakenining the spirit within
  • Medicine Teachings to support self esteem and confidence
  • How to prepare for ceremony and connect with your own ancestors
  • What a Medicine Man/ Woman might ask you to do if you ask them for support
  • Dreams and fulfilling visions

You can follow up with Jim on his facebook apge Blue Spider Ranch or simply email him at isantiyuwipiman@gmail.com 


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