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Elder Wisdom: Drums, Water & Women

Season 4, Episode 1    |     1 hr 15 min

Check out today’s episode with spiritual elder, Elizabeth Theriault

I had an incredible chat with beloved elder Aunty Elizabeth on topic of healing, rites of passage, drums, women and water. In this episode, she shares with us about how to spiritually work with your alter, women, water, the land and how to find your path of global service for people in need.


  • Offering silence
  • Prayer & providing containers 
  • Butterfly Medicine
  • 4 chambers of heart teachings (amazing!)
  • How to support manifesting of projects
  • Drum Medicine


  • What is happening in West Africa for women, girls, families in around water
  • Women’s rites of passage
  • Aligning with the cycles of your life and rites of passage into maturiry
  • Hawaii , Ohana, community and communing 

To connect directly with Aunty Elizabeth, please email her at  info@drumspeak.org

“We are nature, we are not seperate from nature “ – Elizabeth Theriault


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