You Are Being Invited To Heal, Awaken & Manifest in 2021

Awakening Map trains you to shift perspective, stay connected with your magical abilities to create positive inner change while showing up for others with an abundance of energy, clarity of purpose and a compassionate heart



Alchemizing your inner critic so that you can stay inspired for a new time


Getting fresh perspectives on all aspects of life, goals and visions helps you dream new epic possibilities



..Learn how to show up fearlessly even when you feel overwhelmed


Start with your learning exactly how to shift your energy and experience a new level of abundance and fulfillment.


Learn epic new integrated breathing & movement techniques for manifesting


You are here to do great things and experience the deepest fulfillment

Awakening Can Be Challenging, Especially Now..

This course can help you

You know you are here to support awakening but do not know exactly how to share all the insights you are having

Let Go of Old Paradigm & Open To a New Era

Awakening Map: Embodied Awakening Immersion trains you to have great boundaries, unleash your powerful intuitive abilities and prepare to serve using your spiritual gifts with ease and fun!



Hey. I am Narayani

(Na-Rye- a- Knee)

I live in sunny beach town in Bay Area California and have co-created a life of abundance, authenticity and empowering relationships that fill my soul.

I have worked with 1000s of people and love making spiritual work fun!

Through transformational coaching, embodied meditation and awakened mindfulness,  I train intuitives and empaths to manifest their most epic visions rooted in loving fulfillment.


Do these sound familiar? 

  • Your intuitive gifts are not being used fully
  • You do not feel like people are able to receive the wisdom you are sharing
  • You feel you have much more love to share than you are sharing
  • You want to learn how not to absorb other people’s energy
  • You  are spiritual but want to walk your talk and step up your game

Awakening Map 

Embodied  Awakening


Is For:

  • Those who are spiritually inclined and are ready to manifest abundance and inspire others more
  • Women (and a few amazing men) who yearn for community and raising your vibe
  • Intuitive and empathic people who feel misunderstood and sometimes squashed and alone.
  • Those who want to manifest new dynamics in relationships with people you care about.


I lovingly invite you to join us to manifest new ways of being.

Learn. Practice. Love. Commune.

All Access Pass

July 8 to October 28 2021


    • 13 LIVE MasterClass + Q and As
    • 5 Private Coaching Sessions (or session of choice)
    • Mentor Support with Awakened Life Team
    • 12 +  Video Training Library
    • Access to Retreats with cost waived and only food and lodging required 
    • Facebook Group access for projects / feedback
    • A buddy for manifesting + healing support
    • 12 + Worksheets for self inquiry & 16 Meditations

    All Inclusive Immersion Course

    Private FaceBook Community  

      13 LIVE group sessions over 5 months

    Full Digital Support Library Included

    Get 1:1 Customized Coaching Support 

    What the the community is saying…

    “I have been working with Narayani for several months now and my life has completely transformed. As an empath, I have struggled my entire life to embrace it.

    . I am no longer a prisoner to my natural state, for the first time in my life

    I am actually empowered by gifts and am grateful for all of them. I now have freedom in my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”

    Carol Beavers

    “The teachings Narayani presents are so in-depth, you could spend a lifetime exploring each one.

    I am truly a different person than when I started this, and my external life is already reflecting that. You will not regret making the commitment”

    Morgan Dollar

    “Narayani is, in my experience, an amazing intuitive healer and skillful facilitator. She has a knack for tuning into a group and feeling where the potential energy is and where it can go. She gracefully leads with joy, passion, energy and patience to all levels and is a powerful knowledgeable woman.”  – Marya Stark the majority have suffered alteration by injected humour.”

    Marya Stark

     I would recommend this work to anyone who can no longer remember, in their body, that they are connected to the evolving beauty of this planet and want to feel aligned within themselves and attached to the world around them in spirit and purpose.” 

    Amanda Freed

    Are you called to train?