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Everything is Energy

You are made up of energy. Your blood is like the river and bones are like the stones of Mother Earth. Women, your womb is like the waters of the sea. And we all have salty tears that cleanse when they flow.  There is a heartbeat in the pulse of our Sacred planet and if you listen, you can feel her. 

The grief, anger and emotional co-dependency that humans are playing out in the world are a result of disconnection to the healing power of the sacred that exists in all of us.  We are fighting to be right instead of listening and hearing one another and our own needs. This is encoded in your energy field and in the collective. 

As I see it, your energy is a sacred field of potential. Potential to grow. Potential to heal. Potential to transform and create new life.  Men, you hold the seeds of this potential. Women, you hold the space. The activating of the various energies in your field will train you to be able to clear your past, get present, and manifest your future.

When you activate your energy awareness, you start to transform out of 3D thinking into higher dimensions. These higher dimensions ALSO hold the lower dimensions as each dimension contains all the ones below it. You are a sacred temple and your energy awareness is key to unlock these patterns that do not serve you or our collective good.

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Your energy potential awakens when you shift your perception of who you are beyond the human story you hold into the subtle experience of both your spiritual and human parts. 

The Invitation
You are being invited to explore the possibility of living from a place of energy awareness. The path of energy awareness is the journey towards practical awakening. It is the path of learning what thoughts, feelings and emotions make up the uniqueness that is you physically, mentally and spiritually. This is the future of humanity.

I feel like this stuff should have been taught in school. But it was not so I am offering it now. As an unschooling for adults. So I created a home study course to help teach you all the secrets healers know and it is available online. 

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