Discover How to Tap Into ALL of your Energy to Thrive Personally and Professionally as a Spiritual Guide for Others

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So you’ve studied different modalities – yoga, reiki, crystals, circles and you’ve experienced the power of being fully connected to the divine source of energy – those moments of full spine-tingling, body bliss that it’s hard to describe.

You want that feeling of connection to spill over to EVERYTHING in your life, to stay in that high-frequency state no matter what comes at you. 

Yet, for some reason, the dots don’t always connect. You spend an hour in blissful meditation during yoga, SO in the flow…and then come home to cook dinner and find yourself being dragged down into the mundane. Or you get a call from a family member that triggers you and POOF! That feeling of connection suddenly dissipates.

It’s frustrating. 

If you’re a spiritually awakened human who has been on the path for a while, you know you’re called to do something bigger.

There are people who need you, your light, and your truth.

And you want to share it with them, to experience the joy of healing and light in the same ways that you have. 

And to bring that healing to others, you know you have to embody it yourself. 

If you want a career as a spiritual guide for others who teaches meditation, mindfulness, workshops and retreats, know this…

You absolutely can manifest your vision.

But you KNOW there’s something missing.

Maybe you feel like you haven’t tried hard enough, You’re not able to maintain your energy, and you have to keep reminding yourself of everything you’ve learned. 

 What if staying in a state of high-frequency flow was possible? 

What if you could learn how to process energy, speak your truth, and experience new levels of success in relationships with others in your biz AND personal life without becoming exhausted and drained? 

What if you could FINALLY feel like everything was connected? Who would you become? And what could you be for others?  

You know that you are called to do something bigger. And if you’ve been on this journey for a while, but something still is JUST. NOT. CLICKING….

I get it!!! Here is why..

I had been on the spiritual path

for years before it finally clicked for me…

The next 10 years are what I call the “Integration Years” where I worked intimately with a spiritual teacher who helped me both see myself and fully trust my abilities to manifest and lead.

With help from my guides and higher self, I discovered how to embody my knowing  so I was not leaking sacred energy and could bring all of my gifts to the table while getting paid to be an agent of awakening others.

And after 12 years of integrating my kundalini awakening, I was shown very clearly that it was time to begin teaching this to others.

And if you’re wondering – what’s integration? Why is it so important?

Let me explain how this works.

Imagine you want to have some tea.  Of course, you would need a cup to be able to experience the pleasures of enjoying your drink.

But what if your cup had holes in it and every time you tried to fill it, the tea leaked out. 

Of course, you would neither be able to experience or even enjoy your tea.  

Similarly if you want to experience the pleasures of being a sustainable spiritual being in service to the collective collective, you will feel drained if your energy field  is not strong. 

Your energy body is the cup and your physical body, mind and emotions are the tea.

The tea is made but it is it impossible to drink from a leaking cup (energy field)

To be able to sustainably walk in the spiritual path, you want your cup to runneth over and you do this by integrating all the experiences and knowledge through the layers of your energy field (cup).

I am Narayani Gaia, a healer and mentor for those on the spiritual path who know there is more to life than just learning about spiritual principles.

I support intuitive and empathic humans on the spiritual path to work with their energy in order to turn their sensitivity into their superpowers so they can heal the past, get fully present and manifest a future rooted in love

Here’s the Truth That My Journey Has Led Me To…

And What Many Spiritual Mentors are Missing:

What I discovered is that there are 12 energetic activations that need to be completed in a specific sequence in order for you to feel full and complete so you can overflow your cup and sustainably serve others. 

And once you stop leaking energy, once you know how to embody your higher self, you can begin connecting the dots and integrating everything that you’ve learned – so that you can access it all the time, not just in moments of spiritual practice.

Here is the thing…

Right now, if you’re feeling stuck, your inner child, reiki practitioner self, your empowered self or/ and all the roles you embody ARE NOT in the same room. 

You’ve learned all these modalities but there may still be holes at the bottom of your cup which need to be addressed.  These “holes” can manifest as stagnation, exhaustion, confusion, loneliness, depression, etc. And they continue even after you heal your trauma or do years of endless inner work

(NOTE: Some people actually have  HOLES in their field but most people have dammed up the rivers) Both create a field out of balance and result in lack of self integrity in all aspects of your life.  

When you learn to work with your energy field, you create a clear spiritual container and, integrate the various parts of your whole self, you will experience a leap in your spiritual practice, career AND you leap into ease in your relationships as well.

Integration supports you to:

  • Have great boundaries (with everyone!)

  • Manifest ease with family and friends
  • Have MUCH more fun!
  • Walk your talk
  • Communicate clearly 
  • Unapologetically make more money
  • Heal lifetimes of karma
  • Choose joy at will without bypassing
  • Heal yourself and hear the voice of your spiritual guidance
  • Get in the flow with relationships 
  • Thrive in your personal and professional life
  • Plus so. much. more. 

The 12 activations are Universal and could support all people on the spiritual path, regardless of race, gender, culture, or ethnic background.

Whatever your religion of spiritual practice is, know that it is your birthright to learn how to work with all parts of yourself and manifest deep fulfillment for self and others.

I have been able to guide almost 100 people through this method since 2013 and the results are miraculous!

But don’t take my word for it!! Here is what my mentees have to say: 

“I have been working with Narayani for several months now and my life has completely transformed. As an empath, I have struggled my entire life to embrace it.

. I am no longer a prisoner to my natural state, for the first time in my life

I am actually empowered by gifts and am grateful for all of them. I now have freedom in my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”

Carol Beavers

“Narayani is, in my experience, an amazing intuitive healer and skillful facilitator. She has a knack for tuning into a group and feeling where the potential energy is and where it can go. She gracefully leads with joy, passion, energy and patience to all levels and is a powerful knowledgeable woman.”  – Marya Stark the majority have suffered alteration by injected humour.”

Marya Stark

“The teachings Narayani presents are so in-depth, you could spend a lifetime exploring each one.

I am truly a different person than when I started this, and my external life is already reflecting that. You will not regret making the commitment”

Morgan Dollar

Imagine that your (energetic) cup to be overflowing so you can be a powerful agent of change. 


Which is why I’ve taken everything that I’ve learned to this point and I’m ready to guide new leaders through this process so they can lead others in their own journeys of embodied awakening integration (and build abundantly successful practices of their own). 

When you learn this process you will be able to: 



Alchemizing your inner critic so that you can stay inspired for a new time


Learn the differences between your intuition and lessons to learn by discovering sequential spiritual lessons.



Do practices to grow your boundaries in a way that are personally and collectively sustainable




Make Mooney by creating a clear structure for yiour business and manifest succcess for self and others




Communicate confidently aind Your Unique sacred voice as a leader so you can manifest your ideal practice with ease


Learn how to show up fearlessly even when you feel overwhelmed Navigate through your mentee’s issues with ease


Serve others from a full cup with a compassionate presence and help people change their lives and live on purpose



Turn your sensitivity and turn it into their superpower so you are ready to serve from a place of consious and loving  knowing


But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what other people have to say about Awakening Map Trainings and how it is changing my students’ lives.

“At the time I started working with Narayani I was floating. The 12 themes really allowed me a deeper embodiment of what I wanted my life to be and look like. As a result of this work, met my husband.

I walked away from Narayani’s program with a new tool for navigating life. The process has been supportive during transitional periods, and in making a connection with the sacred through daily life.”

- Rachel Hinds

“I signed up to do the 12 themes work when I felt completely drained of spiritual connection, shut down and defeated.  I wanted to tap into the energy that is available all around us, but somehow seemed so distant to me at the time.  I was able to learn to align within myself and tap into a deep faith that I am meant to be here,

I would recommend this work to anyone who can no longer remember, in their body, that they are connected to the evolving beauty of this planet and want to feel aligned within themselves and attached to the world around them in spirit and purpose.” 

-Amanda Freed


Awakening Map Facilitator Certification

14 Month certification program for those on the spiritual path who

want to lead others through healing, awakening and manifesting.

If you are called to serve others, when you sign up for Awakening Map Facilitator Certification, you’ll learn how to track your energy and discover your unique path to wholeness. 

Together we will explore how you can: 

  • Co-create your path in the community with other awakening leaders
  • Learn tricks to help people grow sustainably on the spiritual path
  • Be able to start serving clients after a few months.
  • Confidently  express your needs to people in your life 
  • Show  up fearlessly even when you feel overwhelmed
  • Self-care practices for life and love honoring your unique needs.
  • Meditation techniques for manifesting
  • Befriending your inner critic so that you can stay in the mindset of success
  • Finding your voice and lead others along the way

From here, your whole life changes…

Awakening Map Facilitator 14 Month Training

Q and A Facts

If you feel called to   APPLY NOW 

How much time do I need to put aside?

We have classes 3 weeks on and one week off. During each week, I suggest you put aside (3) 15-minute sessions to practice meditating and doing simple assignments that will support you to manifest your vision of Divine Leadership.

I know I want this but not sure I have the time

This is the issue in the first place, people who see their “practice” as separate from their life – once you start integrating these learnings, everything in your life starts to change. Wouldn’t you make time for that?

Most of the learnings can be practiced in day-to-day life. For example, when we are on Receiving module, you have a chance to let in all you consent to in all aspects of life. The practices often weave into your schedule without people around  you even noticing until the new patterns lock-in, and then they will definitely notice the positive changes in your life)

Awakening Map Facilitator 14 Month Training

Q and A Facts

If you feel called to   APPLY NOW 

This sounds awesome but I am hesitant to invest in another thing

As you know, getting in the flow of life and making money means spending money too. I offer payment plans and discounts for those who pay in full plus after a few months, you can begin taking clients and making money while in the course.

I will support you to remember that you are more than capable of making a living and living your worth and there is truly no amount of money that can buy the fulfillment that comes from awakening on the path of embodying infinite love.

What happens if I cannot make live courses?

No worries! If you cannot make live sessions, replays are available within one day of each live session and often simply a few hours later.

    Awakening Map Facilitator 14 Month Training

    Q and A Facts

    If you feel called to   APPLY NOW 

    Can I do this if I am in another similar training?

    It all depends? Each person is different. Follow the link to  APPLY NOW  if you are called and let’s discuss this. Unless I know what you are studying, I cannot advise. When we chat, I promise to give you my honest perspective based on your specific situation

    How is this different from other “spiritual trainings”

    Many spiritual embodiment facilitators work with compassionate practices or emotional healing from one tradition, leaving out the teachings of your energy field, higher self and how to activate them at will.

    As a healing practitioner for 25 years, I help you internalize all the teachings and practices you have learned by working with your unique spiritual, emotional, and physical energies.

    Plus we work as a group and this helps you amplify your learning and growth by going deep with a community who values personal healing work

    Here’s how it works:

    Graduates of this certification course are qualified to begin working with private clients, leading groups and retreats with a time-proven method of Embodied Awakening Integration.

    Plus you get me and my 25 + years of experience as a healing practitioner walking you through learning how to both work with your own energy field AND claim your path as an awakened leader.

    Together we cover

    • How to heal yourself
    • How to hear the voice of your spirit guidance
    • How to get in the flow with relationships and prosperity
    • What you need to step into awakened leadership for others

    You will have everything you need to restore and create fulfillment on your spiritual path of both personal growth and authentic empowered leadership.

    (At 14 months, you can begin making money as a teacher in training or private mentor for individuals)

    This is an all-inclusive training that includes:

    • bi-monthly live sessions (50 total!)
    • All group class replays
    • 12 + Playsheets for self-inquiry
    • Access To  Full Library of Teachings
    • Weekly Live Group Movement and Meditation Sessions
    • 45 modules of digital trainings
    • Manifesting Meditation Library

    PLUS Participants who show up fully also get:

    • A beautiful community of people who care.
    • Dual Certified  as an Embodied meditation teacher and Spiritual Life Coach
    • An Opportunity to start making money as a coach while still enrolled

    (Grads will be required to take 3 people through the embodied meditation signature Awakening Map training to receive certification)


    #1  Weekly Movement and Meditation Group Practice

    #2 Higher Self Channelling Reading

    #3 Raise The Vibe 28 Day Movement and Meditation Course

    #4  90 minutes 1 -1 Visioning Session with me



    The first part of our journey is all about embodying your higher self. You’ll learn how to:

    • Track and heal yourself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally
    • Communicate clearly with your Spirit Guides
    • Get in the flow in relationships and money
    • Step into new level of spiritual service

    Plus, access a complete library of trainings that supports you to act with clarity and commitment with different leadership styles, learn how to facilitate 12 unique sessions with a time proven system, and help clients clear karmic patterns and awaken spiritually.

    The second part is about being able to guide others through this process yourself, and create a thriving, prosperous practice bringing this work to people who need it. 

    The course  will also support you to make money as an awakened facilitator with both skill and strategy


    #1 Weekly Movement and Meditation Group Practice

    30 minutes of spiritual practice can go a long way. In these sessions, we gather weekly online and do yoga, chi gong and/or dance and meditate weekly to help you integrate the teachings and shifts in your field in a balanced way.

    #2 Higher Self Chanelling Reading

    This gift awakened in 2018 after I learned how ro clearly telepath with spirits. In this session, hear what your guides and angels have to say about your path and get questions answered about anything you are seeking guidance about.

    #3 Raise The Vibe 28-Day Movement and Meditation Course

    Having new videos for everyday of the month is a powerful way to embody your spiritual self. Raise The Vibe is 28 days of embodied practices to support you to stay in loving vibrations. EACH DAY is a unique mind-body topic and practice to do at home.

     #4  90 minute 1 -1 Visioning Session with me

    What are you manifesting? What is in the way? In this session, you get clear on your big picture and together  map out the unique plan to work with during the next 14 months. 


    Thrive personally and professionally

    “I wanted to hire Narayani after seeing her amazing way of helping people find the edge of their growth and break past it. At the time, I was struggling with work, and family, feeling overwhelmed and lost at what to do next. 

    I’m super satisfied with Narayani’s work and the themes have helped me stay grounded even in these tough times. I’m now able to better set boundaries and take on new challenges while being true to myself and my (personal and professional) vision.”

    Lesley, San jose, CA

    “I have been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years and have healed a lot of old stories already, but working with N. and the themes I was able to go down to the very bottom of less self-confidence, less self-love, trust issues and more; and let go and clear!

    I had so many enlightening experiences through 12 weeks of working with Narayani I dare say, I did forward a real big step in consciousness. 

    Being supported through the group visioning calls every week, the play sheets, the beautiful meditations, and the private sessions with N. gave me a feeling of worthiness.. I am now prepared and  happy to take up a business as a life coach myself.”

    To work with (Awakening Map) has and is still changing my life to the very best. THANK You Narayani!.

    Elisabeth from Austria

    There is no end to the progress; I continue to learn and grow, with the ever-increasing coming to know that not only do I have the capability but the desire to be the best person I can be, for myself and all of humanity.

     Narayani not only teaches actively but also teaches through her choices and way of living; she leads by example. And trusts that all of her students have unending potential.

    She doesn’t have all the answers; she teaches us to find them within our own selves by listening to every cell in our bodies, taking responsibility, and transforming old beliefs to make room for new ones. She encourages self-inquiry and helps us to develop our capacity to self-source so that we may become aware of our infinite choices and do what we are meant to do while here on this planet. She doesn’t hand us the fish; she teaches us how to.

    I have never felt more empowered in my entire life.

    T.Bell,. Bay Area, CA


    If you’ve read this far, then you’re serious about living your life on purpose]. This is your moment. I fully believe you’re here reading this for a reason. 

    Because although you’ve already studied spiritual topics, you are still not connecting all of the dots. And you know you can do better. You just need someone to show you how! That’s where Embodied Awakening Facilitator Training comes in.

    Imagine you can learn how to both do your spiritual work and cultivate great relationships and professional success with integrity and joy.,. Because you have it in you. We just need to bring it out.

    Final question for you, 

    At the end of your life and you reflect on all you have experienced, what will feel was important? If it was that you lived a rich loving full life with everyone on your path,, i am asking you if you would want to learn how to actually do that?