Final night of Hannukah tonight and it’s been a sweet 8 days of grounding into my new space and awakening of inspiration for the coming cycle through creativity, healing sessions, cooking and family zoom ceremonies.

As I am getting older, it’s been interesting to find out how so many beliefs and ideals that I stand for now around peace and justice are rooted in Judaism.

These seeds were planted when I was young as we learned prayers and songs that prayed for freedom and justice for Jews and also all people. My heart feels the deapth now in a way more than ever before.

Growing up in a home that wasn’t that religious but religious enough to have me be initiated into the traditions, I eventually questioned as i got older why my own religion was the only one to follow. I had rejected it at some point so much that I threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Poor baby! Now i know that each tradition holds truth. All cultures are sacred on one level; And the more I found peace in different traditions, the more I was pointed back to the practice of honoring my own. 

Our ancestors stood for things and survived so that we can be here and thrive. I’m still learning. Are you learning?

Here are som prayers on this New moon and new time as we have a chance to plant seeds for better times ahead.

✨Whatever culture and tradition you’re in, may you fearlessly shine your light in these times

✨”May the freedoms for people to connect to spirit in their own way be honored and respected.

✨May we balance out the patriarchal imbalances with an awakening of the remembrance of the power of the feminine and the beauty of the Sacred natural world to create harmony in the minds and souls of humanity.

✨All people. All cultures. Deserving of respect. May we have respect for our choices. Respect for our minds our hearts and our bodies.

What prayers are you feeling today? Feel free to share below. I’d love to read them and it could create a wonderful chain of positive energy and hope.


What Are Your Prayers Right Now?




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