There were no words and it was almost my turn to speak.

Having just produced my first virtual interview series with 15 spiritual teachers, I apparently impressed my new business coach because she asked me to join her on stage at an event with over 200 women to share what helped me have success as her client.

If you know me, you know that I will take any opportunity to speak in front of people. I have always had so. much. to. say.

So there I was. Sitting in a panel of women with success stories on stage in front of 200 women entrepreneurs with a mic on its way toward me.

But in a rare moment for me, I had NO IDEA what I was going to say.

My nerves were shaky and palms were  sweating.  So I closed my eyes. I breathed and grounded myself and got ready to run my energy like I teach others to do all the time.

Okay, Narayani, you got this..

…Grounded?  Kind of

…Feeling Body?  Nervous

…Heart Center?  Lit up with love

…Clear Mind? Breathing out tension with each exhale

…Presence? Okay, it is almost time to speak..

I heard my coach Sage introduce me as a spiritual healer and saying how wise I was. Blah blah blah. and it was absolutely my time to say something that mattered. The microphone was in my hands.

Then, in-between deep breaths and anchoring in the core of fire in my belly, the message rolled out of my mouth. Gazing into the audience and locking eyes with a stranger “Focus Is The Hocus Pocus,” I said.

A wave of both joy and awkward laughter flowed through the ocean of women in the room.

With my psychic eye, I could see that many of them were uncomfortable with the intensity of my delivery while others were joyful and seemingly appreciative with the power with which I spoke. (I have since come to see this is a common response when I teach and present)

Laughter and awkward sounds emerged from the crowd as the remaining words of encouragement glided off my tongue to a room of smiling and laughing people. Ahhh, finally I felt relieved. The tension passed and I knew I was now moving forward on my path to success.


Flashing forward almost 7 years from that one time I was on stage with Sage, I can honestly say focus is still the hocus-pocus when manifesting in both energetic and practical realms.

Sometimes your palms will sweat and your voice will shake as you step into new levels of success and fulfillment.I see this with many of my mentees all the time.

When they move through their patterns of false security and find their voice rooted in vulnerable love and focus, they are clear and they “land” with people in their lives and manifest things they never thought they could. Suddenly they find themselves experiencing love, healing, new levels of leadership and an ability to cultivation of deep family connection.

When you cultivate focus and alchemize the energy of love and vulnerability,  you can show up as you are with your voice and with your energy and you end up bringing all of yourself to the table.

Spiritually, the energy of focus is cultivated through the third eye. When this inner awakening is paired with outer action, we ground and integrate the spiritual and physical energies and visions become a reality. The inner energy gives birth to your outer reality and presto-chango, success is yours.