Ancestral  Clearing 

This is a great thing to do this week. I’ll be sharing more about this in the next few days. 

For now, let’s talk ….

Full moon eclipse rituals. 

We’re still in the window so If you haven’t done your ceremony, today and tonight are ia great time to do some clearing and prayer. 

This moon really seems to be about clearing competition. As the energies of war and conflict a very strong astrologically. Where are you competing with yourself?

I always support my clients to do whatever rituals feel best for them. 

Whether it’s taking a bath with crystals. 


Putting your crystals out on the full moon. 


Lighting a candle saying a prayer to let go of blocks you know you have. 


Creating food or art offerings and leaving them out by a tree. 

Journaling and then burning some pages. 

Whatever you do, take some time to get clear and have one intention that’s true for you. 

Right now my Abundance Mastermind ladies are clearing anything in the way of stepping into the next level of leadership. 

That’s my job. To support Soul-centered people to do their sacred work in the world. And this time it’s a great time to work with a natural energy to connect as deeply as possible – Please and Thank you.

 Yes, have fun partying. But don’t miss the opportunity to go deep when that is what Scorpio season is all about!

Find the thing that’s true for you and then make it your own. 

Be creative. 

Because creativity and unique soul expression nurture your need to be fulfilled in a good way.  

And spiritual work is just about your relationship with what already exists, 

and has been there all along. 

Thank you for doing the big work.