⭐️ May we remember to be grateful for Mother Earth and the people who lived on the land we currently live on.

⭐️ May we help heal the trauma of the ancestors between races and cultures from the past, present and future.

⭐️ May we heal our family issues for once and for all!

⭐️ May we heal the disconnect between colonized and colonizers

⭐️ May we protect Mother Earth

⭐️ May we make choices that respect Natural , Universal and Spiritual laws

⭐️ May we learn to express ourselves with truth and compassion

⭐️ May the children grow up feeling safe and loved and inspired

⭐️ May we find peace within and throughout life

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On this last new moon 2021, Get in alignment and act with that which you will attract in alignment with your soul’s desire at this time. In this 2 hour virtual experience, you will let go of the past year and align with frequency of your future self. Co – create your life on your terms.

⭐️ Let go of 2021 with Grace & Ease

⭐️Hear the messages of your guides

⭐️ Get clear & focused for 2022