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The goal was to travel across the land, visit South Dakota for ceremony, stop by NY to see family and visit North Carolina this summer and play in the rivers while writing and supporting my mentees and loving up my friends and family when I could.

Well… My schedule changed. Patterns got interrupted. Spirit had other plans. Here is what actually happened.

My pops called me to be with him as it was the end of his sacred time here on Earth and wanted his family close. I had to change commitments, redirect my focus and got to focus on what was being asked from me in the moment and what was most important.

The people I love. The people I am committed to coach and support in healing and manifesting. My mentors. My family and best friends who could handle the death of standing at the gate portal. Unwinding in nature. Simple prayers. Every. Single. Day.


In transformational personal awakening and development work, we talk about pattern interrupting as a way to create new fulfilling ways of being as we embody new lessons learned and future more fulfilling lives.

Honestly, my dad’s passing at the gate of the closure of a 4 year grieving cycle from Chief’s transition was both perfect and took me by surprise.
The gift is that sitting at the bedside of transition into spirit world of beloveds has brought me deeper than I have ever knew possible. From being with the death portal, I have able to access spiritual relationships and human living love that is beyond the resentment, pain and issues that keep up suffering.
So… I made a little podcast to share some of these lessons. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one or know anyone who is, please share this.

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