Healing From Loss of A Loved One

with Narayani Gaia

Whether you are grieving the loss of someone recently or feel you have not yet let go of your physical attachment to someone who passed some time ago,  this episode was created to support you to heal!

In today’s episode, discover how to heal from loss of a loved one with helpful TOOLS tosupport you to  shift timelines so you can repattern your future with joy and freedom.

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Healing From Loss of a Loved One

Season 2, Episode 2    |     20 min

In today’s episode, we go into topics of: 

  • Communicating with your loved one on the other side
  • Preparing to process emotionally and connect spiritually with your beloved
  • Effective energy management tools for grieving
  • Healing from family relationship Issues
  • Moving forward with your life
  • And more!!

Take advantage of my offer to receive consultation for 25 minutes if you are struggling with grief from losing a loved one.

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Grief Coaching (a free gift)

  • Access guidance from your future self
  • Get clear on your emotional stories
  • Get tools to communicate with your loved one
  • Walk away with ritual for healing


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