The Hocus Pocus Focus

Visioning Retreat

Exclusive Online Event that will get you radiantly clear and focused for 2022

Let go of 2021 with Grace & Ease

Hear The messages Of your Guides

Get Clear & Focused for 2022

These Times are Chaotic and Call for clarity & Focus

That is why I am offering this exclusive retreat for those who are committed to do the inner work

We will meet on zoom for 2 luscious hours of intimate time sharing movement, meditation, song and sacred space together on the last new moon of 2021.  This is a chance to be in a safe community container so you can hear the voice of your most loving angels and guides. while manifesting new pathways of peace, joy and abundance for 2022.

The Hocus Pocus Focus

Visioning Retreat

Get in alignment and act with that which you will attract in alignment with your soul’s desire at this time. In this 2 hour virtual experience, you will let go of the past year and align with frequency of your future self

Co – create your life on your terms

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for this clarifying retreat

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What the the community is saying…

“I have been working with Narayani for several months now and my life has completely transformed. As an empath, I have struggled my entire life to embrace it.

. I am no longer a prisoner to my natural state, for the first time in my life

I am actually empowered by gifts and am grateful for all of them. I now have freedom in my life in ways that I never could have imagined.”

Carol Beavers

“The teachings Narayani presents are so in-depth, you could spend a lifetime exploring each one.

I am truly a different person than when I started this, and my external life is already reflecting that. You will not regret making the commitment”

Morgan Dollar

“Narayani is, in my experience, an amazing intuitive healer and skillful facilitator. She has a knack for tuning into a group and feeling where the potential energy is and where it can go. She gracefully leads with joy, passion, energy and patience to all levels and is a powerful knowledgeable woman.”  – Marya Stark the majority have suffered alteration by injected humour.”

Marya Stark

 I would recommend this work to anyone who can no longer remember, in their body, that they are connected to the evolving beauty of this planet and want to feel aligned within themselves and attached to the world around them in spirit and purpose.” 

Amanda Freed

The Hocus Pocus Focus

Visioning Retreat

Come Meditate, Move, Journal and Listen TO the voice of your angels and guides As you Prepare for 2022 together in a safe warm Space In Your Home

Complimentary Access