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THE HONORING OF BLACK PEOPLE (A present day journey)

Sitting at my computer and listening to the interview, I feel vulnerable. I listen to my awkward laughter and also can feel the love and respect I have for SharRon in my voice. She is schooling me in the most compassionate way. 

I reached out to SharRon because she literally posted about wanting to work with white women. She wanted to talk with us and be a bridge. I jumped at it and 5 months later, we did the thing. Even in my awkwardness, I said yes. 

On the surface, I present as a privileged white woman. I can own that.   But inside, I often feel  more connected and inspired by my brown, black and red friends and communities than anyone else. It was my Dakota Partner, the Dine’ grandmothers, my Mandingo and Senegalese and Congolese dance and drum teachers and my Hindu Yogis and swamis who helped me to embody the awareness of the light in my soul

For the record, I must admit, I do have several “white” spiritual mentors that have helped me dismantle much confusion on the spiritual path and shown me what it means to walk in love and light (and darkness).

So when SharRon mentioned that Love and Light from White Gurus did nothing for her, I listened. I felt defensive. ThenI breathed. And then, we worked it through and returned to love. 

Check out the interview here.

All of my teachers pointed me back to myself, the moment and have been in support of the healing of our own ancestral line and the deep value of honoring where we come from.

With my modality and clients, we often work with the energy of awakening through feeling into what stories our bodies are holding and how to decode the patterns of victim and oppressor (See half priced downloadable new course here)

In my own experience, I have dreamed of being black, being persecuted and even a blue and underwater breathing entity!! But in this body, I am a white privileged woman.

So when it became time to honor the journey of black people as “other,” I must admit, I had a hard time. I too can identify with feeling oppressed. I can identify with needing to fight to be heard and speak my truth in the face of deep heartbreak, emotional abuse and a history of enslavement and oppressor in my blood and in my field. 

Growing up jewish, we were always taught that people wanted us gone.  I remember eggs being thrown at the front door of our house and will never forget the words. “JEWS SUCK” painted with spray paint with an arrow pointing to our home on the street where I used to play kickball and go trick or treating day after day and year after year. 

I grew up with an understanding as to why my ancestors changed their names and fled across the pacific to escape persecution.

Still, I am not black in this lifetime. And so I will listen and I will learn because I can. Because it helps me to practice loving people different from me. Because I stand to be a bridge for all cultures and people in the depth of my being. Not because it is comfortable Because it is what I am here to do and it is what I believe to be right to help right the wrongs of times gone past. 

In my work with clients, we look at honoring the process of being uncomfortable. We sit and listen and feel into what is arising to heal at the deepest level. I invite you dear reader, to join me in this journey.  This is a path of not just healing, but hearing and being with what was and what is in order to move forward towards a world of peace, love and purpose.

Check out podcast Interview with beloved SharRon Jamison here

Thank you. Pidama. Ashe. Amen. Om. Blessed Be.


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