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As a suburban girl from New York, there were absolutely expectations for my life. Go to college. Get a job and work hard to make a life for yourself. As a daughter of a feminist community leader, I was taught that women had to fight for our rights.

The idea to  “work hard”  and fight for equality was drilled into me not just from what my parents said but how they lived.

I remember running into the kitchen at age 9 declaring I was going to be an artist!!!! My parents laughed. You cannot make money being an artist. I get it. IT was the 70’s Artists were hippies and artists were “hungry.” and poor.

But i did not get it. As a child I spent many lonely hours in the suburbs contemplating the meaning of life and feeling like I was missing something.  I would see the connections between people, situations and things and had a rich inner life filled with questions and wild dreaming.   I would wonder where things came from and could feel the presence of energy around me. The presence of Spirits were there but I had no way to explain or connect with my gifts and abilities..

Later it was confirmed that spirits were in fact there with me as a child. Several things in my adult life proved this to be true.


Religion and Spirituality did not make sense, yet I could feel the presence of something, someone watching me.

As a jew, we went to temple. But as I sat in contemplation of something and someone bigger than me, my mother whispered in my ear. “God is a she.” I did not know what that meant and not sure my mother did either. Later I started getting clues and now stand in balancing what is Sacred as heaven and Divine as Mother Earth.

In my teenage years and early 20s, I partied. I was called to experience the unknown and spent time altering my perceptions. Now I know, I was searching for Spirit. But it was not the time to have answers to all the big questions I had. Plus I was not clear. My questions were not clear.

I started doing yoga, meditation, dancing and drumming and prayer in 1993  After following the Grateful Dead after college, I made it to California. There I met a community of people doing beautiful spiritual cross cultural work. I meet people from the Rainbow tribe, got to sit with Native Dine’ Grandmothers, teachers of the ancient ways of praying with Mother Earth. I learned Krishna chants and ocean dances from Yoruba The path of feminine was being revealed. The path of loving the physical world as equal to the spiritual world has become a major foundation for my path, purpose and overall understanding of the meaning of life at this time.

By 1999, I was massage therapy-ing my ass off all over New York City, was teaching yoga at the ashram and doing juice fasting like it was going out of style.

I did not know why I was so obsessed with cleansing but I knew it felt right. More right than anything. I was starving for health, connection, clarity and purpose. The teachings of yoga were helping me understand the nature of the mind, emotions and body and I was practicing in a sweet cross cultural community in New York in lineage of Integral Yoga with Sri Swami Satchidananda (The woodstock Guru!)

Fast forward 10 years to 2002. I had gotten my degree in Massage Therapy., certified as a yoga teacher, enrolled in doula training with a local midwife, In 2000, I moved out of New York City and into to the mountains of North Carolina so I could breathe, relax and live in a natural environment for healing, awakening and service.

I loved moving. I loved the experience of starting over,rebirthing myself and seeing life through a new lens.. I still love this and now love supporting others through it. The not knowing how and where I will be had taught me how to let go and trust.

My great Aunt passed away when I was about 7 years old. I saw the body at the funeral and was overwhelmed with grief and confusion. I remember the questions that emerged. What happens when we die? This is so sad. How can I come to peace with death. Where do we go?

It was not until many years later that I found myself at peace with who I was an why I was here.

2002 was the year I went through a HUGE kundalini spiritual awakening. I had been doing lots of yoga, meditation, dance and cleansing and met several spiritual teachers who helped me as my perception shifted from being a human being to the awareness that I am spiritual being having a human experience. Qi GOng and being in the presence of enlightened teachers changed everything. I stated perceiving energy The medicine of that time showed me how important it was to simply be present, pay attention and how much can shift in life by simply shifting your perception of the world.

I started having visions of my ancestors and Guru and was experiencing states of being that opened me to the wonder and amazement of this world beyond what I ever learned in school.

I was told by my teachers that I too was a spiritual teacher but had absolutely no idea how and what to do about it.

How could a little jewish girl from New york sit in front of you and tell you that you are God? I was confused but was blessed to have guides and elders to help me along the way.  What I did not know that I needed 12 years to integrate my own awakening so I could eventually help others integrate theirs. It took 12 years to integrate my awakening and in 2015 launched my first training and enrolled 4 people in a 6 month immersion of awakening integration.Whoooah! Life is magical like that. So I found out.

I continued and continue to do African dance, drumming, yoga, prayer, cleansing, herbal studies and learn ways of energy healing and intuitive cultivation while  to paying my bills and learning about love and adulting.

Love has always been my greatest teacher. Falling in love with a native man gifted me great wisdom and healing. After 20 years of heartbreak, I finally felt met, seen and worthy of love. The wisdom integrated into my world view and opened me up to learn things about the nature of the spirit world beyond what I had ever imagined. I learn that spirits do in fact do watch us. This is ancient knowledge of the stars. Knowledge that has been erased by religion and hidden for centuries but has always been available for those whose eyes and see, ears can hear and ultimately whose hearts are open. The gratitude I feel for the lessons of love, loss and spirit touched me through all my energy bodies and can only be repaid by sharing it forward.

Nine months after we fell in love, he suddenly passed away. Looking back, I was being  prepared for this. We would talk with the spirit world, sing, cry and pray together. When he passed, this way of being continued as I started experiencing him on the other side. I still prayed and cried and spoke to the other side and my heart continues to open to a love that is beyond this world.

When my Dad passed in summer of 2021, I was felt prepared to hold space for him and my family. It was a beautiful healing and I found peace with transition in a new way. I am still integrating the initiation of losing a parent and the medicine is deep.


Over the last several years, I have been able to train almost 100 people in Awakening Integration (plus  1000s of massage, energy healing) I continue to integrate, digest and shift my energy towards clarity and presence. The healings people have are amazing.

In the process, I have learned to give all I can without leaving myself out. I continue to ask : How can I both be a hollow bamboo in sacred service and also bring myself authentically to the table?  I am learning to guide others in transparency, authenticity and compassion.

How can I own my feelings and experience of my human nature and still hold to the higher spiritual wisdom that is being revealed as truth? The answer I have discovered is an alchemy. An alchemy of spirit and matter and of Divine Mother and Sacred Father.  This is not wooo. These times have been prophesied. What has been hidden will now be revealed. This is hidden knowledge that now is readily available for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

What I have learned is that life is made of energy and matter is made up of energy and energy is EVERYTHING. Your energy has guidance for you. But if you are unable to decipher what it says, you are not accessing your potential.

I created the Awakening Map Process ™ out of my own awakening integration process. Learning how to read your energy map is learning to know yourself.  And knowing yourself is the key to freedom. Knowing who you are. Who you really are. At the core. Why you are here. Why you are really here. And once you get a glimpse into all that, you will be called to serve others. It is the only way.

Currently I am writing my first book on awakening integration while supporting a small group of mentees who want to train and learn to awaken their energy bodies and spiritual selves.

We are mental, emotional, spiritual and physical beings. The energy is within you.  The patriarchy has conditioned humanity to think spirituality belongs to westen religion. Young and older adults have left religion yet we all have spirits. We are all spiritual. And to know this and live in this awareness is key to walk a path of trust. The spiritual journey  does not teach one to walk a path of blind faith. It does, however, offer a practical spiritual path, rooted in practices and teachings from world’s religions and your unique blueprint of your higher self. It is an honor to serve those on the path.

The veils now are being lifted so we can learn ways of the mystics and live our lives on purpose

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