How to Clear Energy

Learn what healers know and what sensitive empathic and intuitive people must learn in order to stay clear without putting up walls. Join me, Narayani Gaia, the host of Awakened Life Radio, as I chat with Awakened Life Mentor, Janet Hoffman, about how to work with your energy, heal family karmic patterns and call in those things that light you up to manifest an epic future in away that everyone wins.

Nothing really belongs to us. All of life is made up of energy. To understand that we can work with the natural and spiritual world in our own unique way.

Featured Episode

How To Clear Energy

Season 1, Episode 8    |     56 min

In today’s session we answer some epic community questions about energy clearing and also:

  • Using sacred herbs to clear
  • Clearing your own energy
  • Healing with the breath
  • Working with elements to clear
  • How to use crystals to heal
  • Clearing energy fields
  • Cleansing spaces
  • Protecting your kids energetically

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Remote Energy Healing will help you to:

  • Works to Clear Birth Patterns
  • Helps Clear Family Karmra
  • Benefits you on holographic level
  • Breaks co-dependant Patterns
  • Be lighter and more joyful

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