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You know the world is a magical place but you cannot seem to interpret the signs or get guidance from the Universe as clearly as you might like.

Here are 5 ways to “get a sign” from the universe.

  1. Practice slow long deep breathing to quiet the mind
  2. Open your heart to something bigger than you.
  3. Ask a specific question
  4. Listen and watch for answers
  5. Observe what your body says as a way to help interpret your answer
  6. Follow the first thing that comes
  7. DO NOT QUESTION once you ask and get info
  8. Ask another question once you get an answer

The world is here to support you.

Do not forget to ask for help. And if you want to learn to cultivate you intuition, check out the Awakening Map Homestudy course. Follow the link in my bio.

Awakening Map Home Study is based on the upcoming book coming out next year. 


I have been working with Narayani for almost 3 years now. At this point, I can honestly say that I am still learning from her, still feel just as held as I did when we first met, and still look forward to receiving her support and teachings. 

I have tripled my income, opened my heart in a way I didn’t even know was possible, and seen the world in a way that makes life feel like a true blessing and gift.

Taylor Wilson

Embodied Meditation Coach