The mystic path of third eye awakening prepares you to see the truth in a way that is potentially grounded and filled with profound devotion.
That said, it does not really matter how much you can see or heal or even feel the spiritual world if you can relate with the invisible world from a place of love and service for all, including you.

This mindset of love and service will PROTECT you shall you choose to put attention on awakening your relationship with the spirit world. The mystics use energy consciousness to heal and guide.

All of this is available to you

As you awake your third eye while also staying clear in your emotional and spiritual energy bodies, you can …

✔️Heal yourself and others from past emotional pain

✔️Learn foundations for living your soul’s purpose

✔️Get inner guidance at will

✔️Name your needs and get them met

✔️Let go of ancestral patterns for good

✔️Fearlessly face the mystic realms with wonder and love



1. Set an intention that serves the greater good (this helps protect you) Mean it (breathe and open your heart)

2. Ground yourself. Stay grounded

3. Make sure you are not angry or mad and that you feel clear in your emotional body, relaxed , peaceful and present

4. Raise your vibration with music, meditation or movement and Prepare to communicate with love

5. Do a clearing of your field.

6. Meditate quietly sitting up in a chair or floor. Be an (inner) witness to the mind, breath and inner body until you settle into a place of peace, centeredness and grace

7. Be specific with your questions

8. Give thanks when you are complete.

Awaken your third eye in a way that is sustainable by working with a mentor and receive initiations in ways you can digest and assimilate

I’m honored to do this work, and happy to explore if I can support you.

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