Taos was epic. And actually, the entire trip in the last month or so has been more than what I could’ve imagined.
Every day teaches me in someway. It might take a moment for me to get the lesson but traveling certainly has a way to keep you on your toes and paying attention.

Since leaving Santa Cruz at the end of April, I’ve been guided to go to water and be with water, connect with medicine of the land and cool off and relax with Hot Springs and natural water or even pools if necessary.

The water often speaks to me and helps me get clear. Its like I can hear spirit most clearly when I am around water (Makes sense as we are made of water)

I want to share with you some of the guidance I have been getting. Check this out..

6 Lessons From The Universe

#1 Be willing let go of what you thought you were supposed to do 

This applies to what you are supposed to do today or tomorrow or forecer.We all got a taste of this in 2020. What is possible if you let go of what you know and be present with a new way of being?

#2 Take your time

Rushing the completion of things doesn’t make it go faster or help you feel better. Pacing myself has helped me slow down my nerbvous system, feel more peaceful and feel in integrity with how I show up with others day by day.

#3 Listen deeply to your intuition and don’t over think it

We are more than just of cognitive processes! We a life force itself. When you learn to listen to your body’s knowing deeply, you can stay aligned with the spiritual nature of life.(Learn how to do that in upcoming Embodied Awakening Course)

#4 Be brave

Follow your knowing and be willing to show up even when you are uncomfortable

#5 Breathe deeply

Control the breath, control the mind. Try my 28 Raise The Vibe Course to help you with this.

#6 Laugh often

Choose to spend time with people and things that bring joy. Simply.

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