Let money serve you!

(not the other way around)


Today dear friend, i am going to share with you a secret that all transformational coaches know..
If you lose energy when you realize you don’t have enough money to do some thing, you might be missing an opportunity to create a huge shift in your life.

Like you completely shut down, feel stress or just overall negative energy when you tune in to your money issues

That said, I get it.

Not having enough money is real.

I’m not saying it’s not..

But …

For years and years, I watch people stop in their tracks when they want something say they don’t have enough money AND THEN go around and find that money for some thing else.
This is when you hear coaches say “it’s not about the money.”

That is because it IS about …

✔️Not being clear in your mind
✔️Unconscious beliefs around prosperity


✔️Knowing that it’s possible that you can have more than you even knew was possible!!

And the opposite 😉

I see others who are completely coachable pause, take a deep breath and say okay …. perhaps it’s possible. Let’s figure it out.

And they always do.

I see it – All. The. Time.

For example…

Perhaps you want to come to Appalachia on the five day retreat on the land with us and swim in the river and heal up with other women this June.

Maybe the thought of doing it feels amazing. And then. You think about money and you totally lose your energy

Ask yourself..

  • Is this something that I want?
  • Did I see the price and immediately say it’s impossible?
  • What happens to my muscles in energy when I immediately say I can’t do it.
  • Then ask, Am I willing to let that site down and be open to creating money?

For example, is it possible that I can bring in an income of an extra $150 a week?

💃That would be $30 more a day!

Is it worth it for you to figure something like this out and then have the reward of going on retreat or purchasing the music or the art supplies or the instrument that you want?

Are you willing to do the inner work to experience the fulfillment that you desire? 

Well then …..check THIS out…

You may have many layers of resistance. This is what it might look like..
“How can I pay for this other thing or I’m actually too tired to go on retreat” or “ i have so many bills” or “My ______ needs me”

So, if when you ask these questions, does another layer of resistance come up?

Then ..

Know that most likely, there are a lot of layers of resistance that are keeping you from allowing the positive energy to flow in your life.
it’s not about my retreat. It’s about anything that you want.

And how we lie to ourselves and put layers upon layers of resistance and what is actually underneath it

Often the way of being that resists us from having what we want is rooted in the thought that you don’t deserve it or that you can only be “so happy.”

It is an upper limit issue.

Perhaps some stories come up about your people or family or a tribe that feels heavy or weighs you down…

Perhaps it’s time to let those stories go and rise for the benefit of your ancestors and your family and community.

You can be prosperous and generous and bring people you love along with you.

I honestly help people with this all the time. And it’s an honor to serve.

If you wanna talk about it, I’m here

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