Open Letter to Inner Knowing From the Negative Ego Self (on her death bed)


Dear Inner Knowing,

I am sorry.  I didn’t always listen to you. I tried to convince myself that I knew better.

My intention was good. It was to make sure we had enough.

I wanted to know that you were taken care of.

Survival mind is my mind.

As I sit here at the end of my existence. I can reflect on our lives together and honestly admit that you were right.

Every single time, you were there.

And you knew.

You always knew everything that felt right.

I tried to convince you differently. Because I was afraid.

Because I am afraid. Because, well, fear is what fuels me.

Right now, I know because the pain can no longer be carried and truth can no longer be hidden.

Inner peace, you have always been the thing that mattered the most.

I surrender to you. Thank you for your undying patience with me all of this time.

Love, Your Negative Ego Self