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❤️ A Jewish Love Note 


Beloved One,

Its the Jewish New Year. The Jewish New Year is another opportunity for us to renew. Yet again. At this time, jewish people start again. We open to new ways by asking for forgiveness, forgiving and healing relationships that are wounded.

Yesterday. was a day of fasting and cleansing and I want everyone that I know to know, that I love you. I forgive you. I am sorry. I can do better and will do better and show up with as much clarity and divine grace as I can muster.


Whether you are Jewish or not, please remember..,


You are worthy of love


You are worthy of respect


You are here to become the best version of you!


This world needs your heart, voice, stories, ALL OF YOU!


You are not just “enough” or “too much” — YOU ARE EPIC!


You can move through the challenges with humility and grace!


Life is hard but you can do it!


You are loved!!!!


Every moment a chance to love one another and our beautiful planet with more love and respect 💕 Let’s do this 5782!





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Awakening Home Study 

  • How to Self Heal
  • How to get Spiritual Guidance
  • How to Get in Flow
  • How to Be of Spiritual Service


When we can work with our youth to witness their minds, honor their feelings and act from love, we plant seeds for a new era of peace on Earth. 

The thing is that children are naturally awake. They have the ability to sense things without the heaviness of conditioned logic. This place below the mask helps children live intuitively. This course helps children develop their abilities so they can express themselves free of society’s conditioning and learn to dance in the world from a deep authentic loving and soulful place.


When children study energy, they get it. They play with it. They have the ability to embrace and not question magic as adults do.  If we allow them the space to explore and create freely. Their brilliance shines..