It’s been quite a ride. Even before Covid era, I have been somewhat of a dark night of the soul since my partner passed 4 years ago. I spent many years dreaming what wants to happen moving forward.

Then 2020 happened. It propelled all of us to ponder what we wanted to create on the other side of the collective changes we were all going though. 

By the end of 2020, I finally got clear. I was called to drive across the US and adventure and see what happens It was a major leap of faith. After several weeks of radical fun and travel through the valley and mountains of the southwest, my Dad called me to come home to help him pass away.

More transition! The experience was actually amazing. It was hard and it was beautiful and after several months of healing time with family, I knew it was time to transition to move back and be closer to family and be on the East Coast. 

So here I am, in another transition time, reinventing my life in North Carolina in the beautiful mountains and with beloveds once again.

We are in a collective dark night of the soul.

While in this time,, finding your unique path of balance takes a second.These times are overwhelming and require patience, support and guidance in order to  surrender to the journey and authentically trust the process.

Upon reflecting abut my life and the lives of people I support with embodied awakening, I realize we are all deep in transition in our own ways.

Today’s podcast is a quick one. It is just 15 minutes but reflects on what has helped me stand strong and feel clear in the face of so much change in my life and in the world. I designed it to inspire you. Check out today’s new podcast :

Navigating Through Transitions Here.

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