Live Higher Self Channeling

Recorded (& editted) Dec 30 2021

I Am Narayani Gaia

Here is A Little About Me.

Hey, I am Narayani. As a devotee of Mother Nature and all things love, I work as  a transformational guide and healer and mentor. I mentor people on how to reweave their energy fields so they can live the life their soul is longing to experience in this lifetime. 

 I have had the blessings to receive initiations from several enlightenment lineages and consider myself a friend on your path that inspires you to learn about the energy behind the veils and the nature of things so you can be happy and live your life on purpose.

After her profound spiritual awakening, I  gained the ability to help people remember their spiritual identity and developed the ability to transmit healing to those who are ready to change themselves and bring more joy and light to the world. I love playing with my empathic open hearted friends.

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The veils now are being lifted so we can learn ways of the mystics and truly awaken to the beauty of life again.