Normalizing The Ways Of Spirit

Guest Co – Host : Sierra Felicidad

In today’s world, we have forgotten about how natural and normal spirituality is. In today’s episode, we get into how to normalize the ways of spirits again so we can heal and awaken for future generations on Mother Earth.

To launch off the Season 2 of Awakened Life Radio,  I am joined by the talented Sierra Felicidad and we discuss teachings from her new book : 7th Fire turns to water.Language of the Heart

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Season 2

Featured Episode

Normalizing The Ways Of Spirit

Season 2, Episode 1 |     43 min

Narayani Gaia and Sierra get into epic topics today including:

  • Prophecies for this time
  • Your Sacred Responsibility
  • Sharing wisdom in face of resistance
  • Relating with non-human relatives

Sierra Felicidad is the author or The 7th Fire Turns To Water. She is a messenger for a new generation of spiritual leaders who are committed to awakening to our spiritual path to normalize the ways of spirit and of love for humanity and beyond.

Links discussed in todays session

7th Fire Turns To Water

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