On Learning How to Forgive

As we approach Yom Kippur, many of my Jewish family and friends are reviewing the past year and where they can make right in relationships. I too am in this process.

Sometimes we cannot bring people back into our lives, because it is not in the highest good. But we can forgive within our own heart, so we are not carrying those burdens.

We can neutralize our energy through prayer and breath and compassion for self and others.

This work is some thing that is different when done then when it is talked about. (Here I am talking about it.lol)

Doing the inner work is a whole other story.

If you do not know how to forgive, know that there are many ways to work with your breath and heart that are effective in being able to authentically forgive.

When you sit with the intention to forgive, grace will surely come through.

You got this, fam !!


If you feel that forgiveness is difficult, book a private  reading with me here and let’s get you the support you need to be able to move on.