An open letter to Monterey Dalia Society about one of their LONELY BOUQUETS ..

(and true story of magical manifestation that happened last month)



A Quick note to thank you for being so magical. Here is a story about one of your lonely bouquets.

I arrived in Santa Cruz for a Dance conference the week of August 14. The 15th was a Wednesday and I decided to go to the downtown farmers market and was inspired to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my friends who were putting on the conference at the Tannery.

That night I stopped by and brought them the flowers. And the next day, when I came by, my friend asked me to bring them over to the studio and put them on the registration table for her.

And so I grabbed her kids and the flowers and went over there, but instead of putting them on the registration table, I landed them on my table where I was selling skin care products.

Since the conference was really gonna get going the next day, I knew that she would want those flowers back, and because I brought them as a gift for her and her partner who were putting on the event, I knew that I needed to get my own flowers for the weekend and found myself wondering as I drifted off to sleep where I was going to find another vase as I was visiting the area and was 3000 miles away from my own vase collection at home.

The following morning, I met a friend for a coffee. I figured I’d get around to getting a vase with flowers somehow.

To my amazement, I found myself pulling right in front of a big ceramic wall where the most beautiful dahlias were sitting in a vase!

I’m gonna confess here. I wanted those dahlias. I thought, “Those dahlias obviously belong to someone and they left them there and I don’t wanna steal, but I actually really freaking want them.”

While lusting for the gorgeous dahlias, I walked up to them and had a look and discovered the most magical card inviting me to take this vase of beauty with me!

The card read “ I am a lonely bouquet

How amazed and delighted I was that the Universe read my mind and manifested the exact one thing that I didn’t know how I was going to get on the day that i wanted it.

So of course, I took ‘em.

They were exactly the flowers I wanted and needed to keep me company as I sold my new Bliss skincare line for the very first time for my dance community.

Thank you, Monterey Bay Dahlia Society for creating such magic.

I don’t think my words can express the delight of the synchronicity that you helped manifest in my world, and in our community as a result of your kindness.

See the attached pictures to get a feel for where they ended up.

Blessings & Gratitude,

Narayani Gaia




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