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Real Life Spirituality

Season 3, Episode 1    |     1hr 11 min

People admire us for our accomplishments. They fall in love with us because of our vulnerability – Frank Ferrante

Join me in this juicy chat with  Frank Ferrante and his partner Jill Trenholm as we explore spirituality, conscious partnership, and real-life spirituality.

Also in this episode, we get into:

  • How spiritual work has become subjective
  • The irony of the spiritual path
  • Shifting out of negative self talk and into love
  • Franks’ journey from ego to service in having a film made all about him.
  • How an ordinary man can transform his life and discover meaning and fulfillment.
  • How to drop confusion and overdoing it and live a simple spiritual life.
  • How to live without expectations in partnership
  • The power of connection


Frank Farrate’s website

Jill Trenholm’s website

My stepmother’s story of incubators in Coney Island in the 40’s

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