Whoo Ahh. It is Full Moon Eclipse day. Can you feel it? 

Whatever is true for you right now, I want to remind you that we all powerful expressions of our unique and collective fields of sacred energy. You are sacred!!!

Life is magical and blessed even in the face of the illusion of disconnection and separateness in our world right now.

What does THIS thing about separation even mean?   It means that that we are not separate from anything. Energetically (spiritually,) all of life is sacred and connected as one family.

But the sacred has been forgotten. It has been divided up into religions and rules and confused a new generation. Some people actually think they are NOT spiritual AT ALL when in fact spirit (or LIFE) is the core of all humans.

And all of life is connected. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

But, religion has shamed us and survival mind has deemed us incapable of living in harmony with natural world or with the Divine directly within. 

What I know..

🤍 Sacred is respect

🤍 Sacred is love for all

🤍 Sacred is reverence

🤍 Sacred is pleasure

🤍 Sacred is your heart, body and mind

🤍 Sacred is the power to choose

The cosmic joke is that we are all spiritual and all sacred!

Sacred looks like all the things but until you feel the depths of peace within, will you actualize the awareness of the truth that sacred has been here all along.

In this eclipse window, I invite you to remember the POWER you have to access the sacred …

Today, remember to do the inner work but keep shining your light and remember that all life is sacred, including you!