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While there are plenty of online shops that sell homemeade skin care, our shop offers high quality organic ingredients for all of our products. We are very selective and mindful about the choosing the best suppliers we order from and the ingredients we add into each batch to ensure that each product offers incredible results for our customers.

Whipped Body Butter

Organic oil of jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter, cocoa butter, handmade with organic herbs of lavender, red roses and calendula.

This butter smells like chocolate and peole use it all over your body. It’s great for massage (no essential oils but herbal infused plants in this one)

You can use this for self massage, massaging other people, deep moisturizer for your entire body head to toe.

Shae and shae butter both contain SPF while nourishing your skin deeply.

4 oz.= $30

Face Bliss Herbal Creme

Organic jojoba, coconut oil and shea butter, cocoa butter, organic herbs of red roses and calendula with essential oil of lavender.

This creme is amazing for both morning and night.

You can use for face massage, moisturizing and nourishing.

Coconut and shae butter both contain SPF while nourishing your skin deeply.

1 oz.= $20

Fresh Face

Organic chickpea flower, Oraganic oat flour, organic rose + lavender essential oil

This powder is perfect for a gentle cleanse and also to use as a face mask! 

You can use Fresh Face to clean your face in both the morning and the evening.

Organic red roses and calendula herbs are traditionally nurturing medicines for the all skin types.    This cleanser also lavender essential oil.

2 oz.= $20

Skin Bliss Spritzy

Organic lavender hydrosol, organic rose hydrosol, witchhazel, crystals of amethyst & rose quartz

This spritzy smells like roses and lavender and I infused the hydrosols under the full moon wiht he rose quartz and amathyst. 

You can use Skin Bliss to tone your face, cool the skin or clear your energy field. The energy of rose and lavelder with crystals will absolutely open your heart if you let it.

Flower water hydrosols are created in a porcess of essentail oil extraction and are pure vibrational organic plant infused water for healing. This spritzy also includes alcohol free witch hazel.

2 oz.= $20

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