If your audeince is interested in healing, awakening and manifesting in today’ times, I’d love a chance to speak wtih your community

Topics I LOVE to Speak About

Self Healing

In this world, we have a chance to make peace with the past trauma and pain of ourselves and our ancestors.  Subtopics include : How to Work with your energy to ground. Somatic Healing, MNaking peace with all aprts of yourself (from a spiritual perspective), Working with your energy bodies and more…


Intuitive Development

We are designed to ba bale to access spiritaul energies bevause we both come from spirit and we will return to spirit. These talks offer tools to support awakening of intuitive gifts and access to spiritual guidance.

Getting In The Flow ($$$ and Relationships)

Manifesting Money and loving realtionships on the spiritual journey are ways we are able to ground higher wisdom with everyday practical joyful living. Subtopics include : manifesting a partner, making more money as a spiritual guide or healer, creating community, not taking on other people’s energy

Living One's Dharma

We have more than one purpose. We have multiple purposes but until we learn how to hear the voice of the soul are we able to get guidance that is unique and ever changing for our lives. These talks support people to find their Divine Right path of work in the world and find their higher calling.

Speaking History

Check out the list of places I have spoken in the recent years.