We are of the earth. And when we work with the energies that are natural within our bodies, we understand the things that live beneath the surface and we begin to access what’s really running the show. God’s will is not outside of you. You are a spark of consciousness itself!!!

We can always tap into the Divine plan. 

By opening up to what we feel and being open to new possibilities, we see the truth of how we think and what we put our attention on.

When you find your voice and free up the ancestral patterns of patriarchy plus the intrinsic patterns of control and domination, you step into a freedom that nobody can take away from you. 

But you will be tested.

The anger and the frustration you feel is healthy,. AND, Know that you have an opportunity from this place to discover the ever changing possibilities that are available to you. 

These possibilities exist beyond the justifications for negative emotional charges. 

Once we access these negative emotional charges, we are able to choose.

How does this work ?

Negative  emotional charges cannot live in the face of the awareness of such patterns. Your life becomes a choice, each and every moment. 

And you will fight for this choice and stand for this choice. 

I’d like to know dear ones,, what do you stand for ? what are you choosing?

How can I support you?

( I want to hear from you)