You Are Lightworker

You have been lied to. Since you were born you were colonized with the micro biome of the world.

We have been told that we are our story our identity the roles we play  as people projected all their stuff onto you.

But who are you?

You have been told that your worth is valued in how much money you make or how you produce or how you behave in public.

There is nothing inherently WRONG with you.

You are infact a multidimensional being made of light and life.

We are all light-workers!!

It is only in co-dependant patterning that exists in the matrix of relationships that confuse you and have you stuck on the roller coaster or transactional and strategic relationship dynamics.

Beyond this way of trying to fit in is a peaceful place that exists within you and in fact IS you. When you discover the fullness of who you are, the path becomes more and mor clear along the way.

And then, there is no “arriving” but simply a way of being that supports the unfolding of your life path and the clarity that comes with it is priceless

This unfolding form within is like the inside of a statue that keeps chipping away as we no longeer feed into the lies that we are not enough or worthy of being happy,k successful and ultimately – loved!

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You are love and light having a human experience. Shine brightly and be free

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